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April 2022 sailing schedules updated

Sailing schedules of April has been updated, please check the following link for your information:

Sailing schedule

Hong Kong office will be closed:

3 Jun 2022 (FRI)
- Tuen Ng Festival

1 Jul 2022 (FRI)
- HKSAR Establishment Day


China office will be closed:

3-5 Jun 2022 (FRI-SUN)
- Dragon Boat Festival


Indonesia office will be closed:

1 Jun 2022 (WED)
- Pancasila Day

10 Jul 2022 (SUN)
- Eid al-Adha

30 Jul 2022 (SAT)
- Islamic New Year


Singapore office will be closed:

11 Jul 2022 (MON)
- Hari Raya Haji Holiday

The Netherlands office will be closed:

5-6 Jun 2022 (SUN-MON)
- Whit Sunday and Whit Monday

We will resume on next working day.

Happy Holiday!

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We endeavor to innovate and improve our services through advance IT solutions. You can use Ensign Track to update the status of your goods.

Competent and quick handling of our enquiries,... Read more

Rainer Jungjohann
Managing Director

As a long time customer we apprciate the excellent services of ENSIGN here in Hong Kong.
Competent and quick handling of our enquiries, very transparent reporting, and total solution for our logistics here in Hong Kong and abroad. Can highly recommend the great services of the ENSIGN Team.

They run our key distribution hub in Asia... Read more

Mika Rihtila
Executive Vice President & CFO
Halti Oy

Ensign has been our logistics services provider since 2011.

They run our key distribution hub in Asia for value added logistics services, receiving goods from our suppliers in China and South East Asia and distributing to our clients in both Asia and Europe. Ensign has proven to be a professional, efficient and trustworthy logistics partner. We have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Ensign.

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Inventory Management

To maintain our competitive niche in the fast-paced global logistics industry, we continually refines its operation and services with the most up-to-date systems on the market. We offer inventory management solutions ranging from long and short term storage, pick and pack, to delivery by time slot or Just-in-Time (JIT) with full logistical support. Our clients are informed of progress at all points, which is yet another indicator of our premier customer service.

In line with Ensign's complete management, these services are incorporated within our computerized Warehouse Management System (WMS) offering full history and accountability, full bar-coding, First in first out (FIFO) / First expired first out (FEFO) control and real time monitoring. Our in-house IT system enables management of suppliers and processes by exception to render a stable supply chain solution. Designed to optimum levels of efficiency, our end-to-end services incorporate vendor management Inventory (VMI), transportation optimization, full inventory visibility and control throughout the chain.

Our service includes:
  • Web-base Track & Trace
  • 24/7 Real time visibility
  • Barcode & EDI Support
  • Offline Management Support
  • Intellectual Managing Reports