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Jun 2023 sailing schedules updated

Sailing schedules of June has been updated, please check the following link for your information:

Sailing schedule

Hong Kong office will be closed:

Tuen Ng Festival 22 Jun 2023 (Thu)


China offices will be closed:

Dragon Boat Festival 22 - 24 Jun 2023 (Thu - Sat)
Resume on : 25 Jun 2023 (Sun)

*Remarks for China Origin:
To achieve the Public Holiday Extensions, it is customary to make one or both of the weekend days of a nearby weekend into working days.


Indonesia office will be closed:

Pancasila Day 1 Jun 2023 (Thu)
Waisak Day 4 Jun 2023 (Sun)
Idul Adha 29 Jun 2023 (Thu)

Singapore office will be closed:

Vesak Day 2 Jun 2023 (Fri)
Hari Raya Haji 29 Jun 2023 (Thu)

We will resume on next working day.

Have a nice holiday!

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Competent and quick handling of our enquiries,... Read more

Rainer Jungjohann
Managing Director

As a long time customer we apprciate the excellent services of ENSIGN here in Hong Kong.
Competent and quick handling of our enquiries, very transparent reporting, and total solution for our logistics here in Hong Kong and abroad. Can highly recommend the great services of the ENSIGN Team.

They run our key distribution hub in Asia... Read more

Mika Rihtila
Executive Vice President & CFO
Halti Oy

Ensign has been our logistics services provider since 2011.

They run our key distribution hub in Asia for value added logistics services, receiving goods from our suppliers in China and South East Asia and distributing to our clients in both Asia and Europe. Ensign has proven to be a professional, efficient and trustworthy logistics partner. We have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Ensign.

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Since its establishment in 1986, Ensign has been equated with Professionalism.

Strategically headquartered in Hong Kong, we proudly serve as one of the leading international Logistics Service Providers of the region. We value our solid global network as an indispensible asset, based on which we also continue to nourish the emerging Asian market. Our company continues to expand globally with branches encompassing China, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and The Netherlands to provide total solutions.

Today, our worldwide agent network spans across 50 countries and 500 locations in East and West, efficiently leading to the global market. With our advantageous long-term relationships with major international shipping companies and airlines, we distinguish ourselves for providing a reliable range of services at competitive rates.

We fully understand that the business world today is a vying and fast-pacing one, but our dedicated team of professionals is here to ensure a vast array of services available in one convenient package, hence saving costs and time.

Vision and Mission

“Our vision is to be the most reliable and strongest logistics partner by providing supply chain management solutions to our clients.”

Our mission is clear and direct: to thrive as a highly effective gateway to clients’ business growth.

With this customer-oriented goal in mind, we devote ourselves to offering optimized services, further expanding the global network, continually training our specialist teams, and developing state-of-the-art IT solutions to cope with every latest challenge.

Innovation is key in our business, as we incessantly seek to develop and deliver constructive add-on values on top of our existing services, whilst also maintaining rates to be cost saving at the same time.

We stand faithfully by our “4E principles” to provide the best experience and service:

Cores 4 Image

As synergy becomes a determining business concept today, your business growth is inextricably bound with ours. With us as your gateway, your business is extensively connected to triumph in the challenging context of globalisation. Our international presence facilitates the matching of you and other reliable logistics service providers in proximity. Together with our comprehensive procurement system and dedicated after-sale service, your business resources are set to be optimized and I.T. solutions substantially advanced.

Core Values

Our core value emphasizes on building trust among the partners, customers and the staff. Every stakeholder puts his full effort on handling of each cargo movement and benefit on the customers’ interest. In additional, we provide a safe and pleasant environment to the staff that enjoy their works.