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April 2022 sailing schedules updated

Sailing schedules of April has been updated, please check the following link for your information:

Sailing schedule

Hong Kong office will be closed:

3 Jun 2022 (FRI)
- Tuen Ng Festival

1 Jul 2022 (FRI)
- HKSAR Establishment Day


China office will be closed:

3-5 Jun 2022 (FRI-SUN)
- Dragon Boat Festival


Indonesia office will be closed:

1 Jun 2022 (WED)
- Pancasila Day

10 Jul 2022 (SUN)
- Eid al-Adha

30 Jul 2022 (SAT)
- Islamic New Year


Singapore office will be closed:

11 Jul 2022 (MON)
- Hari Raya Haji Holiday

The Netherlands office will be closed:

5-6 Jun 2022 (SUN-MON)
- Whit Sunday and Whit Monday

We will resume on next working day.

Happy Holiday!

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Competent and quick handling of our enquiries,... Read more

Rainer Jungjohann
Managing Director

As a long time customer we apprciate the excellent services of ENSIGN here in Hong Kong.
Competent and quick handling of our enquiries, very transparent reporting, and total solution for our logistics here in Hong Kong and abroad. Can highly recommend the great services of the ENSIGN Team.

They run our key distribution hub in Asia... Read more

Mika Rihtila
Executive Vice President & CFO
Halti Oy

Ensign has been our logistics services provider since 2011.

They run our key distribution hub in Asia for value added logistics services, receiving goods from our suppliers in China and South East Asia and distributing to our clients in both Asia and Europe. Ensign has proven to be a professional, efficient and trustworthy logistics partner. We have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Ensign.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Acting As a Corporate Social Responsibility Company!

As a responsible company, we are committed to promoting the interests of our stakeholders, employees, business partners and the society. We actively seek to extend our contribution to the community through a wider scope of corporate social responsibility initiatives, with a view to creating greater benefit for our employees, the environment as well as the society. Since 2010, Ensign Freight Limited (Hong Kong Head Office) has won a number of prestigious business and industry awards:

Caring Company 2010 - 17

presented by HK Council of Social Service

Class of Excellence Wastewise Label 2010 - 17

presented by
HK Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE)

These accolades affirm our company's professional excellence and commitment to upholding Corporate Social Responsibility. And this encourages us to keep up Ensign's impeccable standards in business operation and service.


The greatest asset of our company is our employees.

We value employees' well-being by fostering work-life balance, and building a safe and positive work environment. Open communication is encouraged at every level to promote transparency across the organization. A variety of initiatives is in place to build trust, mutual respect, and team spirit in a nurturing work atmosphere.

A wide range of resources is provided for the improvement of employees' physical and mental health. Benefits and subsidies for support services are offered to employees and their family members. Continuity is practiced at every step of business operation and service to drive professional excellence.


Ensign goes Green!

Ensign cares for Environment and values environmental sustainability.

Ensign’s environmental protection policy is constantly fine-tuned to ensure that our business operations and activities are conducted in an eco-conscious manner.

E.g. Employees are encouraged to practise the 4R principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace in the workplace, which include energy conservation and reduction of light and noise pollution, and adopting FSC certified paper or recycled materials for use and for usage.

Ensign also devises and provides eco-friendly solutions for our customers. E.g. Ensign collaborates with select customers in using eco-friendly materials in packaging, like recycled carton paper boxes and non-toxic silica gel.

Ensign supports the “Green Hong Kong • Carbon Audit” Campaign launched by the Environmental Production Department of Hong Kong by registering as a member of "Carbon Audit • Green Partner“ and fulfilling our commitments to Carbon Reduction Charter and undertaking to carry out activities in support of Greenhouse Gas emission reduction.

Since 2010, Ensign Freight Limited (Hong Kong Office) has been participated in the Environmental Labels scheme – “Wastewi$e label” run by the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) to reduce the amount of waste generated within our business organization and operations.


We are dedicated to contributing to the community through various initiatives as supporting social enterprises, charitable donation and long-term partnerships with local social service organizations in community involvement projects. Among our partnering organizations are The Community Chest, ORBIS, Helping Hand and World Vision.

We believe that voluntary services help foster social cohesion and brighten up the lives of the needy. Established in 2011, the Ensign Voluntary Team promotes staff participation in voluntary work for building a better community.


09.30 Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Handmade Lanterns


09.17 Share Love with Handmade Cookies


03.15 Walk for Millions


03.09 Walk for Millions

08.02 Wall Painting


03.03 Walk for Millions
05.18 Elderly Home Visit
11.09 Orbis Moonwalker 2013


01.28 Spring Charity Barefoot Walk
04.14 Event Assistance
05.03 NGO Partnership Day
11.17 Material Distribution


01.09 Walk for Millions
06.04 Rice Packaging

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